5 tips on 59th bargains

Posted: November 15, 2010 in FIFA 11, Ultimate Team
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FIFA 11 Ultimate Team 59th Minute


In order to earn many coins on the 59th minute method, you have to have patience. Good bargains are not thrown after you. You will have to hunt them down yourself. Patience is a key quality every bargain hunter must have!

Know The Prices

Know the prices for the cards. Simply because you want to earn coins. not loose them. In order to do so, you got to know the prices for the cards so you will profit in buying a card.

Do Not Hesitate

If you want those bargains that will earn you hundreds of thousands of coins, do not hesitate.

If You Are In Doubt, Do Not Buy

If you are in doubt and have to think twice about a card, it’s probably not a good bargain and it will not give you much profit.


What can I say? Sometimes you just need a good portion of luck to grab the big stars. Over at the EA forums I have read about people getting IF Ronaldo and IF Messi for incredible low prices. Pure luck, if you ask me.

So, what is your tips for getting those really good 59th minute bargains?

  1. Sebastian says:

    Ok im not a pro or anything, and this is my first year in FUT, but I have been able to make a solid amount of money from this method and I think I could help. I found it funny that I was thinking myself the other day about the key things to have into account when doing the 59th minute, and you mention every topic I had in mind.
    For me, there are three main points and these are:

    1. Patience: Sometimes I have to spend more than an hour to get some good bargains. Don’t try to get good deals in a limited amount of time, even though this can happen.

    2.Knowing the Market: I think this point is very important because it will define most of your outcome. It is very important to know the prices of players, this is because there are some player than even though the have less overall than others, are more expensive, and vice versa. Also, you need to take into account the stats of the players.

    3.Luck: I think that everything in life has a certain amount of luck in it, and this isnt the exception. Sometimes you can find very good player for even 200c.

    On another hand, can I ask you a question? I have been able to make some money with this method, the problem is that my team sucks, I have like 6 blank spots, and all the other players are bronze. My problem is that I dont know wether to buy some average-good players now, or keep doing the 59th minute because every coin you make is another chance at getting bargains.

    Hope, this didn’t turn out too long <.<


    • pkhamre says:

      That is a dilemma I have found myself in too. I recently used all my coins up for Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso to improve my defenders. After that, I ended up with 411 coins so I bought 4 premium gold packs to boost my coins. Got about 21,000 + IF Borja Valero which I will keep as a reserve until I buy Xavi.

      All in all I feel it winds up to what you find the most fun in the game; Trading players or playing matches. I find myself not playing that much matches, but I enjoy to have a decent team. My Ultimate Team đŸ™‚

  2. Diego says:


    Would you know of a good place to an average price for each place?

    I’m starting on UT and the thing that gives me the most trouble is trying to find out if the players are fairly priced or not.

    • pkhamre says:

      You would just have to learn the prices. Look in the market and see what players sell for. BPL players are often good to start with as the are popular and sell easy. Also remember the point about doubt there, if you are in doubt, it is probably not a good deal.

      What you basically want to do is to do a BIN search and look for players you normally would not afford. E.g. a max bin for 10,000 and you suddenly see Puyol then you would buy him!

  3. Mark says:

    Very nice post. Many people do not realize just how simple making money on the 59th minute can be. “Do not hesitate” and “When in doubt, do not buy” always happen to be my problem area. I always tend to hesitate, especially on big players, and loose the bargain. So when the next bargain comes around I grab it quickly to avoid this happening again, and get stuck with a loss.

    Usually, beginners are reluctant to try 59th minute bargain searching because they are afraid of loosing money, and that’s why its important to make sure you spend a while studying the market, just flipping through the pages near the 59th minute and watching what gets picked up early at which prices, etc.

    Overall, nice post with some great tips.

  4. […] gamers want a quick sale, they post an attractive BIN price for only 1 hour. If you hang around 59th minute auctions, you will grab some AMAZING deals. Simply sort by Gold – Position – League, then scroll until […]

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